Vacation Carry Over Information.

Written on 09/24/2020

USW Sisters and Brothers,


We have received and accepted this offer from the company in regards to carryover vacation days.


The terms are as follows,



  • In light of the pandemic, for 2020, we are allowing USW members to carryover up to 5 vacation days into 2021.
  • Carryover vacation must be used in 2021.
  • Carryover vacation not used in 2021 will not be paid out.
  • USW-represented employees will need to declare the number of unused vacation days they want to carryover (up to 5).  The timing and procedures for this action will be determined and communicated by the Company at a later time.  
  • Employees who are currently scheduled for vacation are expected to take the time off as scheduled (unless changed or cancelled by the Company in accordance with the CBA). 
  • Employees who are required to hold and use vacation are still required to do so.


In solidarity,


Mike Gauger

President USW Local 10-00086

Medical trustee Chair

Office # 215-652-6555

Cell # 215-880-3653