Monday Morning Member Spotlight

Written on 08/28/2023

This weeks Spotlight On A Member is focused on Kaltrina Pudleiner and this is her story.


I have been with the company for 14 years and currently am working as a lab technician in Virology, VPT.  I grew up in Albania and moved to the states as a freshman in high school. I continued on to further my education at Penn State University where I earned my degree in Biology and met my husband. 


Approaching nearly 20 years later, we now have 3 beautiful children Lora 7, Benjamin 5 and Leonardo 2. The best part of my day is coming home and spending time with my lovely family. I also enjoy cooking, traveling, reading and personal fitness. Little know fact about me, I actually speak 4 different languages.


I feel that the path I was able to take is the epitome of the American dream. Being a member of the union, I have continued to successfully advance my career where I worked in various different departments and have gained extensive experience producing vaccines. I was also a part of the Next Gen program and had the opportunity to attend conferences and learn about all the benefits the union has to offer. 


If you see Trina/Kat (which is what she goes by) around Campus please say hi and Introduce yourself. Thank you so much Trina for participating in this weeks Spotlight and more importantly for sharing your story with us.