Monday Morning Member Spotlight

Written on 10/02/2023

This week's Member Spotlight doesn’t just focus on one member; instead, we are shining the light on the entire committee. Allow us to introduce you to the United Steelworkers Local 10–00086 Women of Steel Committee. Women of Steel is an activist arm of the United Steelworkers that evolved from the early women's caucuses, demanding that women have their rightful place in our union. The committee is mandated by the United Steelworkers' constitution.

The purpose of our local Women of Steel committee is to engage in various activities aimed at raising awareness of working women's issues, increasing women's activism within their union, and expanding the union's visibility in the communities where they work and live. Our committee has been involved in various initiatives, including backpack drives, breast cancer awareness campaigns, prom dress drives, women's rights rallies, letter-writing campaigns on women's issues to our capital, Christmas drives, feeding the homeless, and self-defense classes, to name a few.

Our committee boasts over 100 years of collective experience, with some members having more than 25 years of union experience, while others have as little as 2 years. We come together collectively and are available to address any women's issues brought to our attention. Our committee members include:

  • Kisha Byrd - Chair
  • Dayana Bailey
  • Linda Bunt
  • Amy Christiana
  • Robin Drace
  • Jennifer Fischler
  • Vionette Garcia
  • Aissa Hernandez
  • Angela Mark
  • Angelena Pendelton
  • Rashida Smith-Jones
  • Helen Smith
  • Xiomara Santillan
  • Nakeisha Williams

Our committee members work throughout the plant site in various roles, such as biotechnicians, support associates, clerks, EM techs, working leads, SPO operators, lab techs, and animal technicians. If you have any women's issues, please feel free to reach out to one of the ladies on the committee so that we can ensure your concerns are addressed and heard. If you spot one of our events, come out and join us.