October 24th Job Postings

Written on 10/24/2019

Here’s this weeks job postings. Please pay attention when bidding on a job and make sure it’s the position you want . If you decide after you place a bid that you changed your mind you can remove a bid before the postings end Time. Also please only bid on jobs that you are qualified for , meaning that if you have no qualifications to be a Lab Technician then you shouldn’t bid on the position because it slows down the process of filling the job. You can place your bid with this link  http://unionbid.merck.com however this needs to be done from the Merck Intranet. If you are offsite or need help with placing a bid you can place a paper bid at Gate 3 security or a Plant Committee member can make a bid for you if you are out and away  during the posting timeframe.